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“She was a wonder junkie. In her mind, she was a hill tribesman standing slack-jawed before
the real Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon; Dorothy catching her first glimpse of the vaulted spires
of the Emerald City of Oz; a small boy from darkest Brooklyn plunked down in the Corridor of
Nations of the 1939 World’s Fair, the Trylon and Perisphere beckoning in the distance; she was
Pocahontas sailing up the Thames estuary with London spread out before her from horizon to
horizon. been voyaging between the stars when the ancestors of humans were still brachiating
from branch to branch in the dappled sunlight of the forest canopy. Drumlin, like many others
she had known over the years, had called her an incurable romantic; and she found herself
wondering again why so many people thought it some embarrassing disability. Her romanticism
had been a driving force in her life and a fount of delights. Advocate and practitioner of
romance, she was off to see the Wizard.” Carl Sagan cosmologist, scientist, TV host, author of

In his 1985 book “Contact”, Carl Sagan coined the term “wonder-junkie” in describing the
story’s protagonist, scientist Ellie Arroway (played so memorably in the 1997 movie by Jodie
Foster) as someone who is curious by nature, a natural explorer who asks big questions, is
imaginative and an unabashed, fearless visionary. We are looking for this person.

More specifically, we’re looking for a co-host for a new podcast series set to launch in the
coming months. The show will be in association with a highly successful online pop science
video series with a community in the millions. The opportunity is to build on the success of the
series/brand and take it to the next level with more time and capacity to more deeply explore
the biggest “big picture” questions about our species, our planet and our universe. Who are
we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How do we get there? Are we doomed to
an apocalyptic fate or are we just getting started? But make no mistake, just because we might
be discussing the future of the human race and the planet we currently call home, it doesn’t
mean we won’t be having fun doing it. We think hard but we play hard too. At the end of the
day, we contemplate and we do it with humility, thoughtfulness and purpose. We don’t have all
the answers…in fact we have none. So, we’re here to learn along with our listeners, to be
fascinated, to be moved and to be edu-tained as much as possible. We’ll leave the more
educated speculating to our global thought leaders, experts, scientist, futurists…or as we like to
call them, our guests.

We will be taping 10-13 X 1 hour shows beginning with a pilot episode (at least 2 “rehearsal
tapings prior to the pilot) in August, 2019. We will tape and deliver the subsequent episodes for
“season 1” throughout the fall of 2019. If everything goes according to plan, we will be doing
multiple seasons on an ongoing basis.

Job Requirements
Aside from the previously stated, we are looking for someone with:
 Hosting experience, preferably radio/podcast
 Background in science a plus
 Open mind
 Great interviewing skills
 Tapped into current events/world issues
 Knowledgeable about science, history, current events
 Big picture thinker
 Futurist; someone who thinks about and studies the future and trends in tech,
biosciences, anthropology etc.
 Someone who has travelled, seen the world and experienced different cultures and
Employer Contact Information
Steve Hulford