Social Media Optimization Specialist

London, ON

Experience Required
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Job Description
Hive Media Group connects various audiences with satisfying, fun, and thought-provoking pieces of digital content. We are driven by our desire to entertain and educate audiences interested in entertainment, parenting, pets, history, and everything in-between.

Our distribution/social team leverages our knowledge of platform publishing and social algorithms to drive traffic and audiences to our various brands and domains using tools, analytics, and strategy to maximize the effectiveness of our content and getting the right users in front of the right pieces of content. Engagement, posting, and distribution strategies are done in a collaborative environment and constantly change as algorithms and platforms pivot.

What We Want

We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about winning/spending their days creating and optimizing the most engaging/consumable content on the internet. We want someone who wants to help shape our content strategy and understands publishing in the platform era. In order to be successful in this role, you need to be hungry and always be pushing performance and driving results. We love to win and celebrate success and want you to be amped to do this alongside us. This role is a great opportunity for anyone with a passion for digital marketing, social media, and publishing who wants to grow in a fast-paced and exciting industry/company.

This is a full-time, in-house position in London, Ontario

 **Applicants must submit a cover letter/resume with your application to be considered**
Job Requirements
Skill Requirements
2+ years of experience working for a digital publishing company and familiar with the monetization of digital advertising revenue and the distribution of digital content
Strong understanding of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
Business acumen with a capacity for strategic thinking
Social media expert with a strong understanding of platform algorithms, organic distribution, and digital marketing
Strong written and verbal communication skills that you flex when you can
Understand virality and live and breathe getting people to click and engage with content
Able to track content analytics and interpret and learn from data using tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights
What You Will Be Doing
Optimize content for specific social platforms to increase engagement and/or CTR while adhering to platform policies
Analyze data and statistics to make effective decisions on posting schedule, budgets for ad campaigns, and content optimization
Posting brand-aligned and engaging content across social media platforms
Create, edit, and monitor budgets, ad creatives, and targeting tests and campaigns
Collaborate with cross-department leads to support overall department goals and objectives
Prepare regular reports of progress and forecasts to internal stakeholders on KPIs
Our Kind Of Person
You embrace change — platform publishing is volatile, so you need to adapt and pivot quickly
You understand how things go viral and why
You are collaborative and don’t shy away from office debates about which flavor of Starburst is best
You care about and take pride in your work
Comfortable taking initiative, working in collaboration with others, and mentoring those who need it
This is a full time position