Animatic Editor

Vancouver, BC

Broadcasting / Radio / TV / Film / Video
Experience Required
Employment Type
Job Description

- Responsible for generating a rough assembly cut of the episode based on the Director's notes and vision.

- Ensure that the rough assembly is reviewed and approved by Director and other creative department heads. Generate notes and apply to ensure that animatic pitch timing is accurate.

- Ensure that quality issues and clarity are adhered to for sound. As needed, add temporary sound effects from sound libraries.

- Ensure appropriate production crew members are aware of the temp music, sound requests and any quality issues.

- Participate in animatic pitch sessions and maintain responsibility for all revisions to animatic.

- Work with Director to intake animatic notes, provide revisions, clarify feedback and generate an output of the locked animatic and prepare for shipping to vendor studio(s).

- Create outputs of pitch animatic and locked animatic for shipping to partner studio(s).

- Ensure production staff is made aware of pickup lines and scratch dialog.

- Responsible for timely delivery of deliverables and partner with production to ensure issues or concerns are elevated as needed.

- Create edit list as a reference for partner studios to ensure timing is accurate.
Job Requirements


- Ability to work in high-pressure environment under tight deadlines.

- 2-4 years of editing experience (animatic editing preferred).


Must be legally eligible to work in Canada - Titmouse is unable to assist candidates in obtaining Canadian work authorization.